A few years ago, I remember an old man told me that our lives are a series of threads woven and intertwined. I asked what he meant. He just smiled and said, "You are here now." I thought before that it was a series of coincidences but it was not just something that was unlikely to happen.

Over the years, I explored and searched through that connection that somehow binds people from different cultures and on the opposite sides of the world. When the constant motion from one perpetual state to another is nothing of the ordinary, what is the possibility of prolonged human interaction? Yet there is still something more that compelled me to reflect.

In every place, whether in the most richest or poorest cities in the world, people have stories to tell. But those tales are buried beneath in a fictional world that they create in front of others. How much can we discern about the lives of these people just from looking at them? And when circumstances permit, what stories would they end up sharing?

I realised in certain ways the threads of our lives collide. How the profound experience mattered to each of us was entirely our own.